Last Drop Screening & Artist Talk with filmmaker Steeven K. Sampassa


Last Drop Screening & Artist Talk with filmmaker  Steeven K. Sampassa

Please join us at the Academy NSCAD campus on Thursday March 13th for the first East Coast screening of The Last Drop followed by an artist talk with filmmaker Steeven K. Sampassa

Event will begin @ 5:30pm in the Theatre (Room 208)

Come for pre-screening refreshments and snacks @ 5pm

NSCAD University Academy Building



Steeven K. Sampassa is an emerging filmmaker from Ottawa, Ontario who, as of 6 years ago, began to feed his creative urge through directing and producing films including, most recently, Last Drop and Keegans Choice. As a filmmaker, he considers his work to be an ever-evolving process of artistic growth. Inspired by gothic styles and film noir concepts, his practice is driven by curiosity and creativity. It pushes him into ever-deepening inquiries on the human condition. 

Progressing from poetry and short story to script, Steeven K. hopes to create a space within which the viewer is forced to re-evaluate his or her own preconceptions of the world. This filmmaker invites his viewers to set aside these attitudes and allow themselves to watch and feel first and foremost. Steeven K.’s work can be perceived as a view of society from a different angle, considering humanities true conflict with itself and with Nature.


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