GUSH journal is a response to hyper-academic and inaccessible articles and essays about sex, pornography, erotica, sexual education and sex work, presented by The Bad Bad Book Club. The goal of GUSH is to use our role as activists to challenge the epistemological status quo and to examine how knowledge about sex is created, disseminated and learned, while resisting the exclusive and inaccessible creation of knowledge. We believe that you are the expert in your experience and we want your help to make something that is badass, critical, accessible and based on lived experience. 

We hope to create a space where many different people can write about pornography, erotica, sexual education and sex work based on lived-experience. Ideally, the journal will also be a forum for academics to disseminate their work to a wider audience, and in a more accessible way than they might otherwise be able to.

One goal of the Bad Bad Book Club has always been to think about and critique how bodies, sexualities, sexes and genders are represented in pornography and erotica.  We believe that creating a forum for people to tell stories about their experience with porn, erotica, sex education, sex work and sex will help push back against the essentilizing of sexuality, the co-opting of queerness, and the exoticization of the ‘other’ by the mainstream porn industry.

Once we finish it, GUSH will be available for free online and you will be able to copy and distribute for free. We will also make as many print copies as we can available for free.




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